ETMG-17" Sun CRT

Tim Morris tdmorris at
Tue Dec 30 16:59:34 MST 2008

EveryThing Must Go
There comes a time in every tech's life when it's time to clean house.
My time has come.
I haven't posted much on the list over the years I've lurked, and I'm
not sure what the current feeling is toward posting equipment offers
on the list.  My apologies in advance.

I have a 17" Sun CRT looking for a good home.  It works and appears to
be in good shape.  I'd love to get $10 or $5 for it, but if you come
pick it up you can give me whatever you think it's worth.

I have a Tagung Sparc system with what looks like a SuperSPARC II
processor.  Looks like it has 256 MB mem (maybe).  No HD (it is only
1GB and I can't figure out how to run DBAN on this box - *nix newbie).
 It has the user's manual (from Jan 1995).  If you want it - it's

I have a Sun keyboard and mouse.  If you want them - come and get them.

Contact me off the list if you're interested in any of this.  These
are going to the DI or dump if no interest is expressed in the next
few days.

I live in Lehi - if that's a factor in your decision making.


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