Open Office on the Mac

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Tue Dec 30 15:50:07 MST 2008

Russel Caldwell wrote:
> How well does Open Office work on the Mac?
> Russ Caldwell
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I used neooffice for a long time, it did the job but I was never very
happy with it. When OOo 3 came out it was finally mac-ready, and I have
found it to be excellent. From where I sit it looked like the neooffice
guys were running around with their pants on fire trying to tell people
how much OOo has to suck because they were there first, but IME OOo is
better than neooffice ever was on the mac and I was happy to make the

There are a few very minor idiosynchrasies of the sort you would expect
from any large application on any platform, let alone one ported from
another OS to one with users as picky as mac users. But they're so minor
I can't name one now that it comes to it.

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