Open Office on the Mac

Devlin Daley devlin at
Mon Dec 29 22:04:16 MST 2008

On Mon, Dec 29, 2008 at 8:01 PM, Mike Lovell <mike at> wrote:
> Russel Caldwell wrote:
>> How well does Open Office work on the Mac?
>> Russ Caldwell
> It has been a while since I have tried it but it seemed to work just as well as OO on other platforms. Also, back when I tried it, NeoOffice was better to use on a mac since it was ported to use the Mac interfaces instead of X11. But it appears they are behind the times now. If I had a Mac, it would be what I would use for an office productivity suite.

OpenOffice 3 the latest version, gives a lot of love to the Mac port.
It's actually quite good now. Much more stable and is fairly well
integrated with the Mac's UI etc. Compatibility-wise, I get good
results with older ms office formats, it's kind of hit and miss with
the latest formats, especially powerpoint.

I've installed the PDF export plugins, which allow me to export
documents as PDF with the open document format of the document stuffed
in the meta-data portion of the PDF. It's a win in my view, no
formatting problems cross-platform, but still editable with an open
format. Recommended.

-- Devlin

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