In need of old network adapter

Nicholas Leippe nick at
Mon Dec 29 07:41:19 MST 2008

On Sunday 28 December 2008 08:43:00 pm Dave Smith wrote:
> Levi Pearson wrote:
> > I assume you meant 'thanks in advance' by TIA, but it reminded me of
> > when I first hooked a computer to a network via TCP/IP.  It was '94 or
> > so in the BYU dorms, with the old-school Dataphones with a 19.2kbps
> > serial connection to a selection of servers.  One of the available
> > servers was the main CS server, on which we'd run a program called
> > 'tia', an acronym of 'the internet adapter'.  It set up a SLIP
> > connection with your PC, which basically gave you a NATed link to the
> > internet with which you could run Mosaic and see the little GIFs that
> > went with the text on the World Wide Web.

I remember doing that in '93--but they didn't have NAT yet. We just got to 
play w/ftp and gopher, and use the old, awesome wyse registration system.

> Awesome! I lived in the BYU dorms in '97, and each computer was
> DHCP-assigned a publicly routable IP address with massive bandwidth.
> Good times!

I remember that as well. 10Mbit to my room. It's probably 100Mbit now.

> > So, although it wouldn't be Ethernet, you could just use a serial port
> > to get a TCP/IP connection between two PCs.  Ethernet is hardly anything
> > like Ethernet these days anyway. ;)
> That is true, and would be fun (for me anyway -- probably boring for
> him). Things get pretty hairy when you add a third computer, eh? :)

Oh the days before TP when you had to terminate your coax and had "fun" hunts 
searching for where the cable was broken, connector lose, or not terminated 
properly... Oh, and you had to actually pay attention to cable lengths too.

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