In need of old network adapter

Dave Smith dave at
Sun Dec 28 20:43:00 MST 2008

Levi Pearson wrote:
> I assume you meant 'thanks in advance' by TIA, but it reminded me of
> when I first hooked a computer to a network via TCP/IP.  It was '94 or
> so in the BYU dorms, with the old-school Dataphones with a 19.2kbps
> serial connection to a selection of servers.  One of the available
> servers was the main CS server, on which we'd run a program called
> 'tia', an acronym of 'the internet adapter'.  It set up a SLIP
> connection with your PC, which basically gave you a NATed link to the
> internet with which you could run Mosaic and see the little GIFs that
> went with the text on the World Wide Web.

Awesome! I lived in the BYU dorms in '97, and each computer was 
DHCP-assigned a publicly routable IP address with massive bandwidth. 
Good times!

> So, although it wouldn't be Ethernet, you could just use a serial port
> to get a TCP/IP connection between two PCs.  Ethernet is hardly anything
> like Ethernet these days anyway. ;)

That is true, and would be fun (for me anyway -- probably boring for 
him). Things get pretty hairy when you add a third computer, eh? :)


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