In need of old network adapter

Levi Pearson levi at
Sun Dec 28 20:29:31 MST 2008

Dave Smith <dave at> writes:

> Pluggers and Slluggers (please excuse the x-post):
> A teenager in my neighborhood is learning about Ethernet LANs. He
> wants to network his home desktop and an old laptop. I agreed to help,
> but his laptop does not have a built-in Ethernet port. To that end, I
> wonder if anyone has either a PCMCIA Ethernet adapter or a USB
> Ethernet adapter that they would like to donate to the cause.
> TIA!

I assume you meant 'thanks in advance' by TIA, but it reminded me of
when I first hooked a computer to a network via TCP/IP.  It was '94 or
so in the BYU dorms, with the old-school Dataphones with a 19.2kbps
serial connection to a selection of servers.  One of the available
servers was the main CS server, on which we'd run a program called
'tia', an acronym of 'the internet adapter'.  It set up a SLIP
connection with your PC, which basically gave you a NATed link to the
internet with which you could run Mosaic and see the little GIFs that
went with the text on the World Wide Web.

So, although it wouldn't be Ethernet, you could just use a serial port
to get a TCP/IP connection between two PCs.  Ethernet is hardly anything
like Ethernet these days anyway. ;)


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