[OT] lazy website software

James Lance james at thelances.net
Thu Dec 18 17:27:37 MST 2008

lol... geosites.

On Dec 18, 2008, at 5:00 PM, Josh Coates wrote:

>> maybe they fixed it - that was a month ago or so.  i'll go check it  
>> out and
>> let you know what i find...
> so fwiw, i've decided google sites sucks.  at least, it wont work  
> for what i
> want it to be, which is an easy to build and maintain website.
> basically, the big problem is that the footer is non-customizable,  
> and is
> perma-fixed to a google sites footer, which makes me sad inside.  if  
> google
> would just let me build the site i want to build, it'd be nice.   
> instead,
> it's like a geosites model (albeigt toned down.)  bleh.
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