[OT] - Programming Language as Religion

Michael Torrie torriem at gmail.com
Thu Dec 18 17:15:13 MST 2008

Alex Esplin wrote:
> I guess since my language of choice for a lot of projects these days
> is Objective-C, that I'm an atheist, or maybe that would translate to
> some modern spinoff of Judaism.  Jews for Jesus, anyone?

Actually I think that ObjC would be better compared to Mormonism than
C#.  It's very much a modern take on C/Judaism, which it encompasses and
supersedes (heck they can still use the old testament/pointers and
explicit memory management).  So while it is based on the C syntax and
is object-oriented and thus bears some superficial resemblance , it is
really very different from conventional Java/fundamentalist religion.
Mormons/ObjC programs often think they often have much in common with
Java/Fundamentalist christians that they often try to bridge between the
two using mechanisms like Java-ObjC-Bridge/family values.

And of course ObjC is espoused by a very religious group of folks who
love to share their faith with others.  Apple license/baptism only costs
you $100/10%. :)

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