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Ryan Simpkins plug at
Wed Dec 17 12:24:07 MST 2008

There are a few new faces out there. As such, everyone may not be aware of the
services PLUG offers its membership. PLUG does not charge any dues, it is a
100% volunteer run dis-organization/mind-share collective. We collectively
happen to provide the following available to all members.

== Mailing Lists ==
PLUG maintains two lists:

PLUG ( ) - This is the one you are
subscribed to. It is 100% unmoderated and can be high traffic. Right now, 443
people are subscribed. Here you can post pretty much any topic that the
community doesn't think is distasteful, or spam. It is a singularly unique
platform to discuss what matters to you, with an audience of your peers.

PLUG-Announce ( ) - This is a
moderated list for meeting announcements only.

== Web Site ==

Features include: - Member directory with statistics. - Local company index with statistics. - Local Linux contractors. - Polls, like this one regarding meetings.

== LinkedIn Group ==
There are 139 participants on the PLUG LinkedIn group. We generally do not
permit recruiters to join this group (you won't get spam'd). To join, follow

== IRC ==
Okay, this isn't really just PLUG. Come talk any how -

== Jabber ==

== Meetings ==
Meeting details are posted to both mailing lists and It is easier
than ever to stay informed. If you would like to present, please contact Ryan.

== Employment Help ==
Due to the financial crisis more than a few of the members have recently lost
jobs, or are at a higher risk of loosing their jobs. Being an active
participant in PLUG is a great way to reduce the risk of job seeking. Don't be
shy about promoting yourself on the PLUG list. We permit job postings, and we
also permit seeker postings. Put yourself on the LinkedIn group, hang out in
IRC with us, share your opinions.

== Social & Professional Network ==
After every PLUG meeting we usually have a social networking portion of the
meeting. You can shoot pool, grab a snack, relax, and discuss things that
matter to you. It is a great opportunity to get exposed to ideas that you may
not normally think about. You might find your next job or business opporunity,
or a solution to a challenging problem. We don't bite - honestly. Well,
harleypig bites - we keep him chained though.

== Sponsorship ==
PLUG has various sponsorship opportunities available. Perhaps your business
can sponsor a high-profile presenter, food for a meeting, discounts for PLUG
members, or a special service. Nearly the entire membership is actively
employed in various professional positions surrounding Linux/FOSS. It is a
unique opportunity to gain brand recognition, and "street cred" with the FOSS

== Volunteer Opportunities ==
You may not be a kernel hacker, but you can still give back to the FOSS
community that has given us so much. PLUG needs help with the web site, server
administration, PHP programming, mailing list management, meeting
organization/presentation, employment.... the list goes on. If you'd like to
give some of your time to further advance the cause of FOSS in our local
community, PLUG is the perfect place to start.

There are now more ways than ever to participate. If you have an idea for a
service you would like to see provided, please post it! See you at the next
meeting (January 14th, 2009).


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