disabling usb devices in a laptop

Brandon Stout bms at mscis.org
Thu Dec 11 16:21:50 MST 2008

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Matthew Walker wrote:
> On Thu, December 11, 2008 4:08 pm, Brandon Stout wrote:
>>> I recently ran powertop on a laptop and noticed that the webcam and
>>> bluetooth devices (both of which are connected via an internal USB hub),
>>> are always on.  They are both sucking power, and the webcam is also
>>> hitting the CPU with a constant stream of interrupts.  Since I'm not
>>> using them, I would love to disable these devices.
>>> So far I have tried unloading the kernel modules, which didn't work, and
>>> blacklisting them so they can't load in the first place, which also
>>> didn't work.  Unfortunately, the BIOS is limited and doesn't give any
>>> options for disabling specific devices.
>>> Has anyone run into this problem before?  How do you turn off a USB
>>> device without snipping the wires?
>> Why not just unplug the devices since you're not using them anyway?
> Because they're internal.

Ah... I suppose that's what you meant by 'internal usb hub'...  I knew
there had to be a reason...

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