What gets you out to a PLUG meeting?

William Attwood wattwood at gmail.com
Thu Dec 11 10:42:44 MST 2008

Nagios-- Basic Setup
-- Basic Administration
-- Hosts, Commands, Plug Ins
-- Using NRPE for Remote Monitoring
-- Logging all updates to a Database
-- Graphing based on above logging to troubleshoot errors after they happen
(random load spikes, Disk I/O, swap usage due to a horrid cron job at 2am)

-- Partitioning
-- What is Fragmenting, and how can it help speed up a database?
-- Is Disk I/O important, if so, can I spread my databases over multiple
disks to increase read/write speeds?

Apache 2.2
-- Advanced Logging to a MySQL Database for Reporting
-- Setting up Graphing based on above logging

-- How to use it, and why
-- Is it secure?

-- Setting up and administering a DNS system for your network
-- Configuring your DNS server as a primary resource, and the WWW as a
secondary for your internal network

There's plenty more, but those are some ideas of items I've been diving into
quite a bit and will use often.


On Thu, Dec 11, 2008 at 10:36 AM, Doran L. Barton <fozz at iodynamics.com>wrote:

> On Thursday 11 December 2008 10:10:55 William Attwood wrote:
> > Really, the subject matter and location are the two most important items
> > for me to attend.  If it's something that I can use to professionally
> grow,
> > and, it's a decent location, I'll attend.
> And what topics could you use to professionally grow?
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