[OT] lazy website software

Josh Coates jcoates at gmail.com
Thu Dec 11 08:04:57 MST 2008

i'm looking for something, and it's a difficult thing to search for, so i
thought i'd ask plug.

i want to build a simple website that is made up of articles in a single
level hierarchy.  these articles should be easy to create and edit (where
'easy' means something like a wiki markup language).


Toast and Pancakes Website

- tutorial on making toast
- tutorial on making pancakes
 - article with pancake photos in it
 - 18th century pancake photos
 - ancient egyptian toast photos
 - history of toast
 - another toast history article
 - history of pancakes

that's kind of all i'm looking for.  i just want a "website in a box" that
is bonehead simple to maintain and add things to.  like i want to be able to
add a new article on pancake history in 5 seconds, with pictures and links
and stuff.

things that i don't think will work:

- blog software.  blogs are linear journals.  yes, blog entries can be
grouped into a single level hierarchy, but it's still a blog and they all
look very "bloggy".
- wiki software.  the closest thing i could find is tiddlywiki - it's very
*simple* which is good, but it's very non-SEO friendly, it's just one big
javascript thing and very non-webby (eg. your browser back button doesn't do
anything.  feels weird.)

the thing blog and wiki software have in common is that they are bone-head
simple to add content too.  that's really good, but there must be a generic
website software that does the same thing, right?

then there are like 5 millions CMS software packages - but geesh, what a
mess that is.

any ideas?  or do i have to built it myself (which i really, really, really
don't want to have to do - i'm a lousy web dev and it doesn't sound fun at

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