[OT] Looney Labs Coupon

Eric Wald eswald at brainshell.org
Wed Dec 10 19:12:11 MST 2008

Matthew Walker wrote:
>> Zombie Fluxx is a lot of fun. I bet the Monty Python version would be too.
> Do they use the same card back as regular fluxx? Basically, can you mix decks and not be
> able to tell what set a card is from until you draw it?

Yes, the backs are the same.  Interestingly, Zombie Fluxx uses a
different font for the card type on the front, so they're easy to tell
apart *after* you draw it.

Unfortunately, some of the promotional cards sent through the mail
don't match quite as well; but who can complain about a company that
advertises by sending free game pieces?

> Also: Fluxx ROCKS. :) I need to check out the store in Springville (!) that sells it,
> and see if they have blank card packs. :)

I've seen regular Fluxx in a couple of game stores, but rarely any of
their other products.

- Eric

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