hdmi, dvi, hdcp and Mythtv

Michael Torrie torriem at gmail.com
Wed Dec 10 13:33:58 MST 2008

Hans Fugal wrote:
>> Yeah, the decisions that broadcasters make in regards to compression can
>> really make HDTV look awful.
> Yup. Sometimes they even screw things up so bad normal people can tell -
> usually with aspect ratios. Local NBC channel broadcast the grinch in
> HD... pillarboxed. I see this all the time. People with 4:3 TVs see a
> half-resolution square in the middle of the TV. People with HDTVs
> wouldn't know the difference if they broadcast it properly.

Yeah.  A recent program on KUED was broadcast on the HD channel with
both sidebars (pillarboxed) and letter-boxed!  Unbelievable.  I don't
think this was KUED's fault, but some upstream provider.

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