hdmi, dvi, hdcp and Mythtv

Michael Torrie torriem at gmail.com
Wed Dec 10 11:57:31 MST 2008

Grant Shipley wrote:
> The bigger question is where are you going to get your HD source
> material.  If you are planning on MKV or similar containers you should
> be fine.  If you are wanting to play BluRay in linux you may be in for
> a shock when you find out its not supported.
> At any rate, unless you are dead set on a linux HTPC (and I hope you
> are), you might want to take a looksi at MediaPortal and the moving
> pictures plugin.  Both are open source but only run on windows.

I don't know what an HTPC is, but the video source is simply MythTV
playing back HDTV recorded via HD Homerun.  Standard MythTV setup in
other words.  Nova on KUED HD is pretty impressive sometimes!

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