hdmi, dvi, hdcp and Mythtv

Barry Roberts blr at robertsr.us
Wed Dec 10 11:26:19 MST 2008

On 12/10/2008 11:11 AM, Michael Torrie wrote:
> Can dvi theoretically output 120 Hz at full 1920x1080 resolution?  Or is
> it limited to 60 Hz?
I think you could do that on dual link DVI, but I don't remember the math:

If you find a TV that can do that, I would like to hear about it.

Hmm.  I've never seen a type b HDMI connector (I don't think).  So I'm 
guessing you're limited so single-link DVI.


> If I'm converting DVI to HDMI signal, can I still play video through
> mythtv or mplayer at full HD resolution (1080p) without HDCP or will the
> TV refuse to do it?
I believe your assumptions below are correct and the TV generally 
shouldn't refuse.  I have a Mitsubishi TV plugged into my MythTV over 
DVI and X runs at 1920x1080 60Hz without complaint.  I've had another 
computer with a DVI->HDMI cable and I ran it at lower resoultion 
(720p-ish), but it wasn't a problem either.
> My understanding of HDCP is that it's the video source that determines
> whether or not it wants to display video in HD 1080p mode without HDCP.
>   In other words the computer or video player (Vista or OS X sadly) that
> demands an HDCP "secured" connection. Is this correct?  If so then I
> think I'll be fine driving HDTV with myth.
> Am I okay then?
I'm ok.  I think you are ;-)


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