where to store report info

Kyle Waters unum at unum5.org
Tue Dec 9 17:12:19 MST 2008

William Attwood wrote:
> Kyle--
>    You could upgrade the hardware and/or enhance the storage of the data
> through normalization, and RDBMS specific methods such as indexes.
My main problem is that I have to subtract one line from an other, and 
then do different things with that data based off a different column.  I 
question weather I should actually have designed the database 
differently.  I implemented it based party off of how I'm reading the 
information in from a separate source.

What this is is a time card database.  So there are two tables that 
matter for my current situation. 

Employees clock in and that is stored in one table with a row for clock 
in and clock out.

Then they sign into a project that is stored in an other table and that 
stores info about having signed in and signed out.

If they go to lunch, they are both clocked out and signed out.
When they come back from lunch a new row is created in both tables.

If they go on break they are signed out but not clocked out. 

If they go on break the time still is billed to the project that they 
were signed into when the went on break.

When they come back from break a new row is created in the project sign 
in table.

Maybe I should have a separate break table that keeps track of breaks 
rather than signing them out.  The current way is more in sync with the 
file that the data is being taken from(but increased time would probably 
be minimal), but the other would be more in sync with the out put.


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