Kyle Waters unum at
Tue Dec 9 09:36:09 MST 2008

Josh Coates wrote:
> just for the record, using an internal wiki at mozy was one of the best IT
> decisions we ever made (we use trac).
I set up trac for all of my moderate to large size programming 
projects(10 line perl scripts don't all have their own trac page).  I 
felt like trac could meet all of my needs, but when I discussed it with 
management we decided we should have something that was more broad, for 
multiple reasons.  Trac has been great for most of my projects.

I also wanted to update the list on what I decided to do.  I installed 
mediawiki and then dokuwiki(I have used twiki,kwiki, and moinmoin in the 
past).  They were both really easy to set up.  I would have preferred a 
database backend(easier to integrate with existing backup practices), 
but I really preferred the look and feel of dokuwiki.  It was also 
incredibly easy to set up with ldap.  So dokuwiki is now set up and 
running as our internal wiki(with trac still be used for moderate to 
large programming projects).


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