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Andy Bradford amb-plugg at bradfords.org
Sat Dec 6 16:44:36 MST 2008

Thus said Levi Pearson on Sat, 06 Dec 2008 15:20:55 MST:

> Yeah, a constitution  that empowers the federal  government to collect
> taxes. How do you justify that,  if no person or collection of persons
> may take something from another by force?

Of  course it  cannot  be justified  from a  libertarian  point of  view
because it violates the non-aggression axiom. But I'm sure that many can
rationalize it;  man is, good  at rationalizing many things  that aren't

> You  can't have  it both  ways.  Either the  government can  ethically
> collect  taxes  or  the  constitution created  a  flawed  and  immoral
> government.

And is there anything wrong with  that premise? Of course its flawed, it
was created  by imperfect beings who  were not omniscient. And  where it
violates moral norms  it is immoral, certainly. Just  because some group
of people get together and create a  government does not mean that it is
entirely morally correct. For Christians, is not taxation a violation of
``thou shalt  not steal?'' How  else could it  be understood? Or  has it
been amended  to ``thou shalt not  steal, except by majority  vote?'' At
the very least, taxation breeds moral hazards.

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