[OT] Ameros will clog the tubes - was Re: Network Neutrality

Levi Pearson levi at cold.org
Sat Dec 6 15:20:55 MST 2008

Von Fugal <von at fugal.net> writes:
> Who needs an assumption? We have the constitution.

Yeah, a constitution that empowers the federal government to collect
taxes.  How do you justify that, if no person or collection of persons
may take something from another by force?

You can't have it both ways.  Either the government can ethically
collect taxes or the constitution created a flawed and immoral

> How is it shaky? If I'm free to make myself a pie, and yet cannot eat
> it, then what availeth my freedom? If I'm free to build a cabin, yet
> cannot dwell therein, again, what availeth my freedom? If I'm free to
> make a living, but have no just claim to that living, only government
> benevolence that "allows" me to keep some of what I do, then that's no
> freedom at all. Liberty is the freedom and will to make something of
> one's life. If you take from me all I make, then I have not made
> anything of my life, I've made something for someone else. I am a slave
> and I have no freedom.

Indeed, the right to hold property is a very valuable thing.  That
doesn't necessarily make it an inherent right of all human beings such
that any taking of something from someone against their will is in all
cases immoral.


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