[OT] Ameros will clog the tubes - was Re: Network Neutrality

Andy Bradford amb-plugg at bradfords.org
Sat Dec 6 00:33:39 MST 2008

Thus said Levi Pearson on Fri, 05 Dec 2008 21:17:18 MST:

> The BYU economics department, by the way, is heavily influenced by the
> Chicago school  of economic thought. There  are also quite a  few real
> economists out  there who believe in  it, while those of  the Austrian
> school are a bit harder to find outside of the Ron Paul bubble.

Friedrich  A. Hayek  was  an  Austrian and  received  a  Nobel Prize  in
Economics  for his  economic  theory  of the  business  cycle, which  he
developed  based on  Ludwig von  Mises' Austrian  Business Cycle  (ABC).
Clearly, other economic schools of thought have more recognition.

Also, with respect to belief... there were quite a few *real* economists
who  believed in  the  economics  of Communism  and  Socialism until  it
imploded economically. :-)

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