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Andy Bradford amb-plugg at bradfords.org
Fri Dec 5 22:33:33 MST 2008

Thus said Von Fugal on Fri, 05 Dec 2008 12:39:14 MST:

> I  feel   that  inflation  is   inevitable  in  many   respects.  Well
> distributed, limited inflation is acceptable and manageable.

Are you  talking about monetary  inflation (the classical  definition of
inflation) or the more modern definition  of price inflation? And why is
it ever acceptable and manageable?

If we  all awoke tomorrow morning  and found that all  our bank accounts
had evenly  doubled overnight, how  would that benefit anyone?  The only
people that  would actually benefit  are those  who woke up  earlier and
discovered the increase sooner. They  would then spend their money, thus
driving  up prices  for the  late  comers (or  those who  thought to  be
prudent and  save it).  Late comers  would find  that their  infusion of
money wouldn't buy  as much as those  who spent their money  early on in
the  process. Eventually  overall higher  prices would  reflect the  new
situation of  the doubling of the  money supply. Those who  had acquired
goods  and  increased  their  capital  wealth  early  on  would  end  up
wealthier, and those who didn't end up poorer.

> If  taxation is  the exact  same thing,  then, why  not just  tax? Why
> inflate instead?

Taxation  is such  a distasteful  thing. Nobody  gets elected  on higher
taxes. This is why democratic governments are so able to wage war. If we
had to pay taxes for all the wars we get, the costs would be unbearable.

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