[OT] Ameros will clog the tubes - was Re: Network Neutrality

Levi Pearson levi at cold.org
Fri Dec 5 22:09:13 MST 2008

Charles Curley <charlescurley at charlescurley.com> writes:

> On Fri, Dec 05, 2008 at 09:17:18PM -0700, Levi Pearson wrote:
>> Andy Bradford <amb-plugg at bradfords.org> writes:
>> The BYU economics department, by the way, is heavily influenced by the
>> Chicago school of economic thought.  There are also quite a few real
>> economists out there who believe in it, while those of the Austrian
>> school are a bit harder to find outside of the Ron Paul bubble.
> A lot of Austrian economists are to be found, not on campus, but on
> Wall St. making money with investments, Alan Greenspan formerly being
> an example. Peter Schiff is another. Walter Block, at Loyola
> University in New Orleans, is an excellent counter example.
> Just to clarify, are you suggesting that Chicagoans aren't real
> economists? Or BYU economics profs?

I said that there are real economists out there that follow the Chicago
school.  This does not imply that I think that Chicagoans are not real
economists or that BYU economics profs are not real.

Greenspan clearly hasn't been much of a follower of the Austrian school
lately, has he?  Clearly he's a monetarist now, and thus much closer to
the Chicago school than Austrian.  A prominent economist moving away
from your economic philosophy is hardly a shining endorsement.  Peter
Schiff is definitely inside the Ron Paul bubble.  And note that I didn't
say there weren't any Austrian school economists, just that they are not
very common.  They do have good web presence, though, I've got to give
them that.


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