[OT] Ameros will clog the tubes - was Re: Network Neutrality

Levi Pearson levi at cold.org
Fri Dec 5 21:17:18 MST 2008

Andy Bradford <amb-plugg at bradfords.org> writes:

> Thus said Von Grant Fugal on Fri, 05 Dec 2008 09:18:21 MST:
>> You  mention astrian  economics.  I  haven't delved  to  deep into  it
>> myself, but  from most of  my conversations with other  subscribers to
>> austrian economics, I was under  the distinct impression my views were
>> highly aligned with austrian economics; maybe I was wrong?
> No, I don't believe you were not wrong[1]:
>>From the premier website regarding Austrian Economics:
> http://mises.org/efandi/ch18.asp ``Inflation and You''
> http://mises.org/story/2914 ``What You Should Know About Inflation''
> The school of Austrian Economics certainly does not promote inflation. I
> don't know of  any Austrian Economists that advocate it,  and I can cite
> plenty who  call for the  abolition of  the Federal Reserve  and central
> reserve  banking in  general; including  Ron Paul  who has  long been  a
> student of Austrian Economics.

Austrian economics is closely associated with Libertarianism these days,
but so is Chicago school economics; the differences between the two
seems to have been manifested in this discussion.  Milton Friedman, one
of the leaders of the Chicago school, is the one who proposed managing
inflation by calculating the money supply via algorithm, and is a strong
advocate of an ever-increasing money supply.

The BYU economics department, by the way, is heavily influenced by the
Chicago school of economic thought.  There are also quite a few real
economists out there who believe in it, while those of the Austrian
school are a bit harder to find outside of the Ron Paul bubble.

As you can probably guess, I don't subscribe to either school of


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