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Fri Dec 5 20:56:56 MST 2008

Thus said Von Grant Fugal on Fri, 05 Dec 2008 09:18:21 MST:

> You  mention astrian  economics.  I  haven't delved  to  deep into  it
> myself, but  from most of  my conversations with other  subscribers to
> austrian economics, I was under  the distinct impression my views were
> highly aligned with austrian economics; maybe I was wrong?

No, I don't believe you were not wrong[1]:

>From the premier website regarding Austrian Economics:

http://mises.org/efandi/ch18.asp ``Inflation and You''

http://mises.org/story/2914 ``What You Should Know About Inflation''

The school of Austrian Economics certainly does not promote inflation. I
don't know of  any Austrian Economists that advocate it,  and I can cite
plenty who  call for the  abolition of  the Federal Reserve  and central
reserve  banking in  general; including  Ron Paul  who has  long been  a
student of Austrian Economics.

1. Take the quiz to find out: http://mises.org/quiz.asp

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