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Fri Dec 5 15:07:21 MST 2008

On 5 Dec 2008, at 14:01, Kyle Waters wrote:

>>>> Why use a wiki when there are so many better options for  
>>>> collaboration
>>>> and/or group content management?
>>> Because they are dead simple to learn and use.  There's nothing
>>> simpler than the pile of papers on your desk or bunch of electronic
>>> documents on your desktop, but wiki comes close and allows  
>>> everyone to
>>> see what you wrote.  If the documents you are creating are a central
>>> part of your job and you have the time to train everyone on a real
>>> CMS, then you probably should.  But simplicity is a real advantage  
>>> of
>>> wiki.
>> How about Google Docs?
> I hate doing things externally.

I mentioned Google Docs as an example of a better solution, not to  
suggest that you actually use Google's version of it to host corporate  

Perhaps I am inept or have been prone to great wiki misfortune, but  
every wiki I have interacted with has been a navigational, structural,  
and usability nightmare.
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