Peter McNabb peter at
Fri Dec 5 13:18:28 MST 2008

On Fri, Dec 05, 2008 at 12:41:20PM -0700, Kyle Waters wrote:
> I just wanted to get input on various wikis.  I know some people that  
> swear by moinmoin but they are python fanatics.  I want something simple  
> to set up, authentication via ldap would be nice, and images would be  
> nice.   What are the pros and cons of various wikis.

Since you brought it up, I'll toss out a link for one of Andrew McNabb's
projects, smug ("smugly superior to wikis"):

>From the site:
"Smug lets you edit web pages live in a web browser. This may sound a
lot like a wiki, but Smug is not a wiki. Wikis are based on a flawed
model that assumes that content must be either open or stable, but not
both. A page on a wiki is open, and anyone can edit it. This unlimited
openness can lead to anarchy, expressing itself as users deface pages or
fight over content. If it gets out of control, an administrator can lock
a page, which completely removes all of the wiki's openness.

Smug does not require to choose between openness and ownership. In this
sense, it is much more in line with open source software than with
wikis. A page has an owner, who has full control over its content. Other
users can edit a page, but their modifications are not automatically
incorporated. Instead, the pages are prepared as a patch, which is
submitted to the page owner. The owner then decides whether to accept or
reject the patch. Submitting a patch in Smug is just as easy as editing
a page in a wiki, but the result is openness without anarchy."

Not necessarily what you asked for, but others here may be interested.


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