Siddharth Patwardhan sidd at
Fri Dec 5 12:57:03 MST 2008

> I just wanted to get input on various wikis.  I know some people that 
> swear by moinmoin but they are python fanatics.  I want something simple 
> to set up, authentication via ldap would be nice, and images would be 
> nice.   What are the pros and cons of various wikis.

This page compares various wiki software, on different parameters:

I've been using moinmoin because it uses the file-system for its
backend data, which probably makes the install simpler.

(I haven't tried the others... but most of them require a database 
server for their backend. I didn't have permissions to install and run
a database server on my machine -- that restricted my choices quite a 

-- Sid.

PS: I'm not a python fanatic... just beginning to get a hang of the 

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