Ameros will clog the tubes - was Re: Network Neutrality

Michael Torrie torriem at
Wed Dec 3 23:08:34 MST 2008

Von Fugal wrote:
> Come get your ameros!

The amero conspiracy theory is one of the funniest things I've heard in
a long time.

And in regards to your other commend about the falling dollar, well it's
simply not so.  The dollar is as strong right now as it was at the
beginning of 2007 before it fell to par with the canadian dollar, which
was only a temporary thing.  It currently is taking a beating (not as
much though) because of the current crisis.  Check the 2-year exchange
against the Euro if you don't believe me (the euro has been extremely
stable lately).

The Amero just isn't ever going to happen.  I can assure you that
Canadians are overwhelmingly against any currency union, despite the
fact that it was a Canadian think tank that first postulated about a
unified north american currency.  From a canadian point of view an Amero
would be devastating to the Canadian economy.  Canada is primarily and
exporting country, and it exports 80% of its goods to the US.  Thus it's
to Canada's advantage to have a lower valued currency against the US
dollar.  Thus the high canadian dollar hurt Canada a bit last summer.
Trading with such a large country on an equal currency footing would be
suicide for Canada in general.

Furthermore, the US dollar is already the de facto currency in Mexico
for folks with any money, so there's really no point in an official
unified currency that'd just be dragged down in value by Mexico's
economy and endemic government corruption.  Right now they get all the
advantages of having the dollar as their currency without any of the
other stuff that would come with actually owning a currency.

The European union was an overdue joining of states (sound familiar?) to
better compete in a global market.  That and the adoption of the Euro
has more in common with the founding of the United States (same thing!)
and the eventual establishment of the dollar as a common currency among
them than it does with some supposed socialist conspiracy.  The US is
already a union of states.  So there's no need for further unions of any

So no.  Don't worry about the so-called "Amero."  It just isn't going to

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