Network Neutrality

Michael Torrie torriem at
Mon Dec 1 12:55:24 MST 2008

Jason Wright wrote:
> I'm not sure I agree with this. TCP does throttling already, plus it
> has an awful lot of connection-oriented control already. There are
> some problems with it. (i.e. if you have multiple streams, you use
> more than your fair share of the bandwidth, tcp global
> synchronization, + a few others), but all-in-all it's the best we've
> got.
> Plus, there is a lot of measures to ensure that window size is
> appropriate. Some routers/firewalls/etc use TCP information.

Except that bittorrent right now isn't being properly throttled and
controlled by TCP/IP's built-in controls, due to the fact that many tcp
connections are being used to transfer a single file.  So the tcp/ip
paradigm is completely broken what it is abused in this way.


> Richard Bennett is right on the money. By disguising traffic using
> UDP, the Internet is going to bomb. The best thing TCP does is let
> everybody play fairly (as much as is possible) If utorrent implements
> this, we will see caps on bandwidth, because 5% of users will
> consistently use 95+% of the bandwidth and kill routers.

Well, maybe companies should start being honest about what they are
selling?  If bandwidth caps are required to keep the 5% at bay, then
either they must place such caps on or simply terminate the 5%.  Either
way companies have to be much clearer about what their service really is.

> Now if utorrent decides they will release the specifications of their
> new connection-oriented protocol for public scrutiny (high level of
> personal doubt) then we can have a more informed discussion.

I guess you're contradicting what you just said then when you said
Richard Bennett is right on the money.  How can he be doing anything but
scaremongering if no one knows any of the details yet?  Is he not
uninformed as much as any of us?  Until such time as the details are
released, then Bennett is parroting FUD, pure and simple.  My only point
is that the sky is, in fact, not falling.  Just yet.  I am not
necessarily in favor of what uTorrent is doing.  But I'm not yet opposed

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