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Corey Edwards tensai at zmonkey.org
Fri Aug 22 12:35:25 MDT 2008

On Fri, 2008-08-22 at 22:32 +0530, Bhasker Kode wrote:
> A little about the company and product. Sometime in 2007, I teamed up
> with Arun Prabhudesai a US-return IT/marketing 10+ exp, to co-found
> the startup and lead as CEO, while I handle the technology aspects.
> Hover Technologies [1] was officially incorporated in 2008, and the
> journey has been fascinating so far. We were covered by Yahoo
> Developer Network [2] for our involvement in the community  in running
> a conference / tech showcase. Hover.in was also one of the 5 internet
> startups that were nominated at Proto.in [3] in jan 2008 (the Indian
> startup showcase event) of our web-based product that targets big web
> publishers and bloggers. The product as such involves the in-text
> content delivery, drawing on considerable amounts of work in data
> retrieval, natural language processing, and distributed computing
> paradigms, apart from innovative takes on client-side usability
> challenges . Among our first few developers include a google soc [4]
> intern , as well as another Haskell / functional programming hacker .
> We just got ourselves a nice plush 3000 sq. ft office [5], so the
> ideal candidate must be living in Pune as well, unless you're ok to
> relocate. I doubt anyone will be joining us for the salary we're
> offering for the first 4-5 months - but with stock opts , deferred
> bonus's and salary hikes, it's going to be exciting times at hover.in
> as it grows [6].

Bean bag chair: 1,000 rupees

Guitar: 6,000 rupees

Showing how awesome your company is by posting job announcements to the
wrong continent: priceless


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