comcast is the devil

Joe Crown joecr at
Wed Aug 20 10:56:35 MDT 2008

So I'm not the only one to notice that Comcrap has a crappy network. I used to be with them & then I discovered that DSL would be cheaper. (I was low on money at the time.) After switching over I discovered that my Internet was faster with Qwest then it ever had been with Comcrap, even though Comcrap was supposed to give 3 mb/sec down stream & Qwest was only supposed to give 1.5 mb/sec my speeds are better with Qwest. After talking to my dad & brother who both work for Qwest they believe it is because Comcrap oversells their bandwidth.

If you haven't figured it out I do not spell Comcrap like the actual company name as I really hate them & their policies. The person that started the thread spelled Comcrap the way they want it spelled.

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> From: "Brad Midgley" <bmidgley at>
> Hey
> Another throttling data point... through comcast I was getting 
> 40kbps trying to download a big disk image (3GB) from 
> It would have taken days to transfer. It 
> finally just timed out.
> I sent an email to comcast and they told me I should reset my 
> modem. Funny thing, the download rate is now 1Mbps and I never did 
> reset my modem. I suspect most of their data users just give up 
> when a legit file won't download... then comcast has succeeded in 
> not delivering on their bandwidth promises.
> In the email I compared their download rate to my neighbor's "slow" 
> dsl. That slow dsl was ten times as fast as their service...
> Brad

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