Failing Laptop Power Cable

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Tue Aug 19 10:24:13 MDT 2008

<quote name="Von Fugal" date="Tue, 19 Aug 2008 at 10:13 -0600">
> <quote name="Joshua Lutes" date="Fri, 15 Aug 2008 at 10:42 -0700">
> > Thanks for the links and suggestions guys.  I don't know about soldering,
> > but I am not afraid of screws so I think I'll try taking the biddy apart.
> > The power supply is probably the worst thing to lose, right?  Anyway, thanks
> > again for the links 'n things.
> Haha, afraid of screws. I laugh because HP apparently has no fear of
> screws. I had this exact problem, I was still under warranty so I sent
> it in. It came back and worked like a charm (for 10 seconds) then my
> roommate asked if there was supposed to be sparks flashing in the rear.
> I checked it out and there was a loose screw floating around in there.
> Sent it back to HP again to get it done right.
> Von Fugal

I've taken apart my HP Pavilion (zv5000) many times and successfully put
it back together again. I'd be happy to fix your connector for you for a
small fee. In fact I took mine apart when I had the power problem
described and saw it was a solder joint gone bad. I decided to send it
in at that point because it was still under warranty. Although after the
screw incident and not having my laptop for almost a month I wished I
had just done it myself. :/

Von Fugal
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