Failing Laptop Power Cable

Hans Fugal hans at
Tue Aug 19 09:06:18 MDT 2008

Gabriel Gunderson wrote:
> On Thu, 2008-08-14 at 00:48 -0600, Jordan Gunderson wrote:
>> I actually looked into this for my crappy HP Pavillion just last
>> night.
> I just typed up the same reply, but you beat me to the punch.  However,
> you failed to mention the best option:
> Junk the Pavillion and buy a Mac where they have the sweet magnetic DC
> plug that makes everything else look so 70's by comparison.

I love my macbook, but I've just replaced 2 magsafe power adapters in a
month (under applecare). For some reason sometimes the spring-loaded
pins get spring-unloaded and then the connection is shoddy (it will only
sometimes charge or not charge at all, though in both cases it always
delivered operating power). I think it's relatively uncommon and that
the sent replacement also went bad was mostly a fluke (the other one I
have, which I bought with my own money, thankfully has not shown any of
these symptoms).

I love my mac and I love the magsafe concept, but power adapters is
probably the least-reliable thing on a mac (and they're not cheap - $72
apiece retail). I also had trouble with the power adapter on my iBook,
first the adapter itself (actually, 2 of them) and then the connector on
the motherboard. Those were most definitely kid/trip related, the sort
of thing the magsafe adapters brilliantly render a moot point.

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