Failing Laptop Power Cable

Brad Midgley bmidgley at
Fri Aug 15 22:28:11 MDT 2008


I've taken apart a few laptops now and the worst part is when I want to 
swear at the thing because there's some secret latch or attachment I 
can't find that is stubbornly holding things together. Sometimes you can 
find disassembly info online but not always.

I've promised myself I won't open up a laptop that is still worth 
something though. I don't trust my luck that much.


> When I was visiting a friend in Boise, their HP Pavilion was doing the same
> thing.  I took it apart and soldered the connector back in place.  The worst
> part was the time it took to take the laptop apart, but if you have the
> patience to do this and remember where all the screws go, give or take one
> or two hehe, then the soldering is not bad at all.

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