Failing Laptop Power Cable

Jordan Gunderson jordy at
Thu Aug 14 01:20:42 MDT 2008

Gabriel Gunderson wrote:
> BTW, I did just buy a cheap HP Pavillion dv6000 *today*.  What can I
> say?  The price was right.

Hopefully you never need service.  :)

My backlight went out while my HP was still newly under warranty.  I 
must have had 3 different customer service reps on the other side of the 
world coax me into trying to turn up the brightness before they 
acknowledged that it might be broken...

Then it probably wasn't showing up because I was dual booting...

And then of course, you have to backup your data before you send it in, 
because their policy is to just wipe everything, regardless of whether 
they actually have to or not.

And how do you backup your data with no backlight?  Why, use a 
flashlight of course.  :)

And may I have your email address sir, for the eight time?  Let me sound 
it back to you to verify.

All told, if I had spent my time doing contract work instead of talking 
to CS agents, I could have just bought a new one.  Plus my phone ear 
wouldn't have been half as sweaty...


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