Failing Laptop Power Cable

Jordan Gunderson jordy at
Thu Aug 14 00:48:30 MDT 2008

Joshua Lutes wrote:
> My power cable has been acting up lately where it will only charge the
> laptop if it is in *just* the right position and there doesn't really seem
> to be any way of telling the right position.  It is an HP Pavilion.  Is
> there a way to fix this, and barring that, can anyone tell me of a shop
> perhaps in or about Provo that I might be able to get it fixed at?  Sorry if
> this is off topic ...

Hi Josh,

I actually looked into this for my crappy HP Pavillion just last night. 

If you know how to solder, have access to equipment, and have an 
indomitable will, this is the cheapest option I found:
Be warned that there are about 100 screws before you get to it.  :)
(Cost $5.00, plus shipping)

If you have an indomitable will, but no soldering stuff:
Same 100 screws apply.
(Cost: About $25, plus shipping)

If you have some money, value your time, don't mind shipping your laptop 
in the mail, and just want to have someone repair it for you:
(Cost: $40 + Shipping both ways)

I don't know of any local solutions.

I hope that helps,

Jordan Gunderson

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