Somewhat off topic (Batteries)

Michael Torrie torriem at
Sun Aug 3 17:13:57 MDT 2008

Matt Nelson wrote:
> Does anyone have a good place to buy some UPS batteries?  I need to get 16
> to replenish my old ones, so money can obviously add up quick.  Also are
> there any brands that you guys like?  I have used the "Universal Battery"
> brand and have been impressed with the quality and length of time they have
> lasted.
> FWIW, I am looking to replace a bunch of Panasonic LC-R127R2P1's.

We buy all our UPS batteries at Portable Power Systems,  Their prices are pretty good and you can get
some nice volume discounts.

In typical APC fashion, APC didn't list the actual battery specs on that
link you gave.  What you should do is look on your expired batteries and
see what capacity they are and then see what PPS has.  I've had very
good luck with their house brands, and you can typically get a ups
battery for $9-15 a piece (looks like you'll need 8), which is a
fraction of what APC would charge you.  In one case the battery tabs
were a different size, so you'll want to check that before you buy, or
else just replace the connectors on the wires.   A couple of years back,
we replaced 64 batteries in our primary UPS unit for under $1000 and APC
was going to charge us like $6500.

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