Network based messaging

Dave Smith dave at
Fri Aug 1 21:27:51 MDT 2008

Levi Pearson wrote:
>> All I want to send are simple string messages. I don't need anything
>> "enterprisey", nor do I want to hassle with all the features that tend to
>> come with such a system.
> Fair enough.  But that's precisely what SMTP is for, too. 

Mostly true, but SMTP has its own set of baggage that I'd like to avoid.

> AMQP is
> essentially a high-reliability version of SMTP for process-to-process
> communication.  You set up your AMQP server, then use the AMQP library
> for your language in the apps.  Anyway, maybe it's not what you want,
> but here's some Python examples of Apache Qpid's different messaging
> strategies:

Sounds cool. XMPP has the added advantage that I can login to a chat 
with the Jabber client of my choice (Pidgin at the moment) and easily 
monitor what all my applications are saying to each other. Added hacker 

> If you're using libraries, XMPP probably isn't going to be a whole lot
> simpler.

Probably, but I imagine server side setup is easier, plus I have more 
options as I can choose from the simplest or most complex XMPP server 
that suits me, and there are probably a whole lot more of them than AMQP 

> And, if you use RabbitMQ as your AMQP server, it's got an
> XMPP<->AMQP gateway.

This is an example of the kind of complexity I'd like to avoid 
(realizing of course that XMPP has its own share of complexities) but in 
all fairness it'd good to know about this stuff should the need arise in 
the future. At least it's a viable replacement for CORBA.


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