per window keyboard modifications

Hans Fugal hans at
Tue Apr 29 21:01:14 MDT 2008

Von Fugal wrote:
> For a long time now I've used per-window keyboard layouts. At first
> using xxkb, then later gnome's built in support for it. Well, now I work
> on a mac at my place of employ, and our POS has everything in caps, and
> it's convenient to have caps lock on for this program. However it is
> rather annoying when you go to another program, and annoying yet again
> when you go back and have to turn it back on.
> So... what are the chances of a per-appication capslock auto-goodness on
> mac osx?
> Von Fugal

Well I don't know about capslockness, but you can have per-window 
keyboard layouts. Go to international preference pane and all should 
become clear. If you're not using Leopard that is. Apparently in Leopard 
Apple decided to revoke the feature that lets you use separate input 
sources per application. In that case, it looks like you need:

Anyway, the real trick will be finding a keyboard layout that maps 
lower-case keys to upper-case. Maybe you could make your own with this:

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