Ubuntu (Gutsy) + Pidgin + Links = "Denied"

Hans Fugal hans at fugal.net
Mon Apr 28 23:04:04 MDT 2008

Lonnie Olson wrote:

> This problem sounds like you have a company firewall that is rewriting
> the messages.  

Except he's at home. I think he mentioned that.

> I am "this close" (shows very small space between fingers) to
> implementing this kind of link blocking via IM for my company.  Over the
> past few months, there have been many viruses spreading via links in IM
> messages.  

If your company is a bunch of trolls packing things in boxes, that 
sounds like a good idea. If they're developers or other technical 
computer workers, it sounds like a terrible idea. I prodded Jacob into 
posting this problem because it is constantly hindering our technical 
discussions, that help us both to be more productive. The smarter your 
people are, the more you hurt productivity with insane draconian 
practices like the one you are contemplating. OTOH, the dumber they are 
the more you keep them from messing everything up.

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