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Trevor Sharpe tsharpe at xmission.com
Mon Apr 28 18:30:39 MDT 2008

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Jesse Harris wrote:
> The UTA doesn't have the kind of teeth on this issue that they'd like
> to. So far, 6 of the cities have approved the new bonds and Payson is
> going to reconsider their no vote on May 6 (from what I hear).
> The other cities are very likely to pass the new bonds. Paul Cutler
> has been doing some amazing advocacy in other cities and sits on
> Centerville's city council. Orem's city manager recommends passing the
> new bonds and many Orem residents spoke in favor at the public
> hearing. Brigham City is a shoo-in given the number of businesses that
> have committed to relocate to their city based on the availability of
> fiber. That Payson is reconsidering shows that they now realize that
> they likely made a mistake, especially with the bond passing in so
> many other cities. And Murray? Dan Snarr is a popular mayor who
> strongly appreciates the value of UTOPIA in his city since so many
> businesses have either stayed there or relocated there; they'll pass
> it tonight.
> This is a real nail-biting experience, but all signs point to success
> in my book, even if power groups such as the UTA, Qwest, Comcast and
> all of the major daily papers are presenting a unified front.

Just to keep everyone up to date.
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