MythTV for iPhone

Levi Pearson levi at
Fri Apr 25 19:19:31 MDT 2008

"Chris Carey" <chris.carey at> writes:

> First of all, I would need to know the filesize of the yet-to-be
> transcoded file in order to respond back to the quicktime on it's
> initial request. 

What happens if you return an overestimated number there?  Or, more
particularly, what happens visually when the iPhone requests something
that's not available?  If the movie just ends at that point, I'd say
perform a SWAG and double it or something to make sure the iPhone
keeps requesting segments as long as you've got data left to give.

> How could I know which set of bytes on the MPG2 file would
> correspond with bytes 5001 to 7000 on a file which is yet to be
> transcoded to MP4? Any help is much appreciated.

Well, it should start from 0 and go to 3000 or something.  The output
from your transcoding process will likewise start at 0 bytes.  As soon
as you're far enough along, you can start sending your file from 0,
and stop when you get to 3000.  It'll ask for the next range, and
you'll continue from there.  The only tricky bit would be if there's a
scrubber and the user tries to play at an offset you haven't got to
yet in your transcoding.  The percent complete will also be off by
whatever amount your estimate of the file size was off, but that
doesn't strike me as a terrible fault.


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