VPS on the cheap

chabon chabon at gmail.com
Fri Apr 25 12:18:32 MDT 2008

On 4/25/08, Steven Alligood <steve at bluehost.com> wrote:

>  Bluehost has a large number of customers that are getting exactly what is
> advertised.  Customers are never let go for using bandwidth or drive space,
> although sometimes they have to be moved to other servers to accommodate
> them.  What customers are let go for is causing problems for other
> customers, which often results from CPU pounding or constant heavy drive
> I/O, and mirroring large active repos does both of those.
Ok so I've generalized using Bluehost as an example here but there are
many other hosting companies doing essentially the same thing (don't
get me started on call queues, either).  I don't know how many
accounts they have that are using close to those limits, but it would
have to be a very small percentage of their base for BH to offer those
plans and still make money.  I don't fully buy the cpu and disk i/o
argument  but since I don't know how BH runs those systems I will take
your word for it.


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