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chad at planetmayfield.com chad at planetmayfield.com
Fri Apr 25 12:05:41 MDT 2008

I do not want to hijack the thread but I have had this question that  
goes along well with the topic of a cheap VPS.

I was on a VPS awhile ago from a shared hosting account, but decided  
against it since it seemed to not be economical for me at the time.   
Now I just host my own server (no VM), it saves me the hassle of  
having to deal with other people.  Lately I have been thinking of  
running a VPS on my server with Xen.  However, I know nothing it so I  
have started to read.  It seems straight forward but the one thing  
that I want is a nice Web Based VPS management like providers such as http://www.linode.com/ 
  have (yes I know it is written in house).  I want to be able to  
manage my OSes, Space, etc., via the Web.

With that in mind does anyone know of the best open source VPS web  
management solution?  I have found several via google such as, Dupe (http://www.darkspace.org.uk/drupal/?q=dupe 
) and Enomalism (http://www.enomalism.com/home/) but I don't know  
which one is the best.  Any opinions or suggestions?

Chad R Mayfield
chad at planetmayfield.com
GPG Key: 0C9A026F

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