VPS on the cheap

chabon chabon at gmail.com
Fri Apr 25 11:48:38 MDT 2008

>  Yeah, interesting that.
>  It seems that he was using shared hosting and claiming to be a full Tier 1
> mirror for centOS.
>  Basically, Bluehost was found to be hosting more than 30 different mirrors
> for centOS, netBSD, fedora, etc, from various customers.  Mirroring those
> large repos daily pounds sufficiently to cause problems for other customers
> on the shared host.
>  Most of the customers that want to be repos do not understand what it takes
> to be a repo, and are perfectly happy with making the host deal with the
> issues.
>  Bluehost is setting up a public mirror for centOS and ubuntu, with possibly
> more; they don't need dozens of copies of that same repo causing a large
> number of problems for a large number of customers.
>  -Steve
Granted, his choice of content to host is questionable and the overall
service is not ideal for that content, but the issue I have is more
regarding the offering, not the choice of content:

> They offer 1,500 Gigabyte Hosting 15,000 GIGS transfer but they shut your
> site down!?!?!
>I have only been using
>about 250 gig of space and 650 gig of bandwidth a month..

That is well within the limits advertised and if the content is
technically within the TOS/AUP, even if it's a poor choice of content,
I still say beware. The cheap virtual host companies are overselling
like crazy and to keep their prices low they bump their larger users
for using more than most but less than the advertized plan limits.


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