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Steve Morrey lists at itconsultingplus.com
Thu Apr 24 15:23:54 MDT 2008

Ok does anyone here NOT run their own web hosting company ? :)

On Wed, Apr 23, 2008 at 1:08 PM, Jonathan Duncan <
jonathan at bluesunhosting.com> wrote:

> On 23 Apr 2008, at 12:57, Stephen Ward wrote:
>> I'm very interested in acquiring a VPS for a new site some friends and
>> I are building (shameless plug: http://nerdfortress.com/).  I'm also
>> very interested in spending very little money on it, seeing as how it
>> is currently gathering very little traffic and it is not designed to
>> generate any revenue.
>> I found a company called VPSLink (http://vpslink.com/vps-hosting/).
>> They've got a plan that appears to fit my needs ($8/mo).  I'm
>> wondering if anyone on the list has experience with them, or if
>> there's some other company I should look at.  I'm aware of several in
>> the $20/mo price range, but I'd like to stay below that for now, if at
>> all possible.
> Any other requirements?  I will host you for $55/year.  Email me off-list
> if you are interested.
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