vagaries on java varieties

Justin Findlay justin at
Thu Apr 24 00:58:46 MDT 2008

On AD 2008 April 23 Wednesday 11:27:37 PM -0600, Bryan Sant wrote:
> The solution is the "Consumer JRE":
>     * Quickstarter. Radically reduce the startup time for Java
> applications and applets.
>     * Java Kernel. Reduce the time to install and launch when the user
> needs to install the JRE in order to run an application.
>     * Deployment toolkit. Enable easy detection and installation of the JRE.
>     * Installer improvements. Improve the user experience of installation.
>     * Graphics performance on Microsoft Windows. Enable default
> graphics acceleration for simple and advanced 2D rendering. (Linux is
> already using an OpenGL accelerated graphics pipeline for 2D
> rendering).
>     * Nimbus look and feel. Release a new cross-platform look and feel
> based on Synth.

This sounds quite good.  My main complaint against java is that there's
so many different names, concurrent but apparently conflicting version
number schemes, environments, specializations, and aftermarket rebundles
that it's hard to know what to think when someone says 'java' or when
they want you to 'install java'.  Is that indicative of fragmentation or
am I just a little naive?


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