The Grandmother Paradox

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Wed Apr 23 15:56:57 MDT 2008

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> Subject: The Grandmother Paradox
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> One of my clients, who also happens to be a grandmother, has recently
> decided she wants to get on the internet for the very first time (this is
> not a joke).
> Unfortunately she has an extremely old machine.
> Here are the specs.
> Pentium II 400Mhz, 64MB RAM, 8GB HD, Win 98 (not SE)
> This computer runs like a champ and it's in pristine condition, I was
> thoroughly impressed.
> However it has no NIC card.

For a NIC & possibly some RAM you can have my old ISA 3COM NICs which work even back in Windows 95.  No charge we just would have to arrange transfer of parts.  The NICs are 3C509B-TPO which you can see at the following URL.  I also have a 128 MB & 64 MB RAM (DIMMs) that you can have as well.  Once again transfer of the goods needs to happen.

The 128 stick is PC 133 & I'm not sure if the other one is PC 133 or PC 100 but it worked in my P3-700 till it died.  (Not sure if it was the board or the CPU which died, you could have those as well for the same price.  IE getting it off my hands & not into the landfill.)

Info on the NIC is at the following URL.

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