64 bit Linux, flash, and firefox ETA?

Shane Hathaway shane at hathawaymix.org
Wed Apr 23 15:27:15 MDT 2008

Andrew Jorgensen wrote:
> Novell will provide Moonlight plugins for FF2 and FF3 that will be
> compatible with supported versions (meaning not end-of-life) of major
> linux distributions (Fedora, Ubuntu, [open]SuSE, probably RedHat) on
> i586 and x86_64.

And Gentoo? :-)  Ok, not Gentoo, but 100% open source from the start, right?

Now that you put it this way, I am interested.  If users can simply 
install a plugin rather than the whole Mono environment, then Moonlight 
could be a reasonable target for new application development.

What kind of timeline are we talking about?  Will Novell release alpha 
versions of this plugin soon?  I would prefer an early, broken release 
over a late release.

Still, Mono and Moonlight are tainted by Microsoft and Microsoft has 
treated me badly for a long time.  OTOH, Novell hasn't done me wrong 
yet.  I'm wary of the patent threat, but Novell has an awful lot of 
experience in patent suits, so maybe Novell has answers for those of us 
who are concerned.  If I develop a Moonlight app and Microsoft later 
decides to assert some hidden patent against Mono, how will I be 
protected from legal action by Microsoft?


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